Philip Hausner

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Office: INF 205, room 1/312 (first floor)
Email: hausner(at)informatik.uni-heidelberg(dot)de
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2020-02-28: Our paper, Time-Centric Exploration of Court Documents, was accepted for presentation at the International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts held in conjunction with the 42nd European Conference on Information Retrieval (Text2Story@ECIR'20).


I studied Applied Computer Science with a minor in Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University and received my Master's degree in March 2020. During my thesis I developed a time-centric graph model that can be utilized for exploratory tasks. Since April 2020, I work as a researcher and PhD student at the Institute of Computer Science in the Database Systems Research group of Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz.

A focus of my research is the detection and classification of Dark Patterns, malicious design patterns on websites that aim to influence user decisions in ways that benefit the owner of the website.

Reviewing Activities


  • Lectures (Assistant)
    Introduction to Databases [summer 2017, 2019, 2020]
    C++ Programming Course [winter 2019]
  • Seminars (Co-supervisor)
    Topics and Trends in Text Analytics [summer 2020]
  • Software practicals (supervisor / co-supervisor):
    various topics [summer 2020 - present]

Research Interests

  •     Dark Patterns
  •     Information Retrieval / Information Extraction
  •     Data Mining / Text Mining
  •     Natural Language Processing
  •     Temporal information


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  • Philipp Jung, Philip Hausner, Lukas Pilz, Julien Stern, Christian Euler, Michael Riemer, and Filip Sadlo.
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