Course Offerings in Summer Semester 2022 - Contact with Research Group

Here is some important information about the lecture, seminar, and practicals offered by our group this upcoming summer semester 2022:

  • Vorlesung "Datenbanken (IDB)":  Bitte registrieren sie sich über Müsli für die Vorlesung und einen der drei Slots für die Übungen zur Vorlesung. Über das entsprechende Forum in Müsli werden dann weitere Informationen zur  Vorlesung mitgeteilt, u.a. der Zugang zu den Moodle Seiten zur Vorlesung.
  • Seminar "Domain-specific Question Answering": Please register via Müsli for this seminar (Bachelorseminar und Seminar, IS). In a first session on April 21, 2:15pm, we will provide more information about this seminar, the topics to be covered, and in particular how to apply for one of the 14 slots we have in this seminar. It is likely that this first session will be held online via Cisco WebEx. Information about the link to the online session will be posted via the forum for this seminar in Müsli. 
  • Projektseminar "Smarter Businesses": Nach einem 2 tägigen Seminar zum Thema IT-Consulting in der Digitalisierung (on site im Mathematikon) werden Studierende in Unternehmen und Einrichten der Stadt Heidelberg in Teams Consulting-Projekte durchführen und dabei alle Phasen des Consultings durchlaufen. Details zu dem Projektseminar finden Sie hier. Bitte beachten Sie, dass dieses Projektseminar im Rahmen der fachübergreifenden Kompetenzen gewertet wird. Melden Sie sich bitte über Müsli an, wenn Sie an dem Projektseminar teilnehmen wollen. Weitere Informationen erfolgen über das Forum in Müsli (und ab dem erstem Seminartag über Moodle).  
  • Practicals "Data and Text Mining (beginners and advanced)": Information about the practicals our group offers in the summer semester 2022 will be  presented online on April 20 at 2:15pm via Cisco WebEx.  Please subscribe to this session via Müsli. Through the forum in Müsli we will let you know about the link to the online session. In this session we then present the topics for practicals and how to apply for a practical. Please note that we typically get many more applications than practicals we offer. 

People from the database research group will occasionally be in home office but can be contacted via email. In most cases, we also do video chats to talk about thesis issues, practicals etc., so don't send us lengthy emails. The secretary can be reached via phone Tu-Th 8:30am until 3:30pm.

Welcome to the Database Systems Research Group at Heidelberg University. Our research is centered around the management, processing, and analysis of complex data, ranging from scientific data and large-scale text data to  evolving network data. Research topics include

  • Text analytics and NLP

  • Information extraction

  • Machine learning for text data
  • Data Science
  • Complex network analysis

  • Legal Tech

Details about current and past research projects can be found here. Many of the research projects are interdisciplinary, covering application areas such as health sciences, law, politics, economy, physics, and biology.

The group offers several classes, seminars, and practicals at the introductory and advanced level. Besides an introductory course to database systems at the bachelor level, at the graduate level we offer courses on Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Complex Network Analysis, and Text Analytics. A complete list of current and past courses and seminars can be found here.

Students interested in joining the group for a bachelor or master thesis or some interesting research project (introductory or advanced practical) can find some more information here.

Important note for international students interested in an internship: The group does not take any more international students for an internship for the academic year 2022. Emails asking for an internship for that time period are very likely to remain unanswered.